Stepping Stones THERAPY



Stepping Stones Counselling

Contemplating counselling? Then you have taken the first STEP of your journey and have come to the right place.


It can feel very daunting, reaching out and asking for help, I hear that. It can feel lonely and challenging, frightening even, I hear that too. Hopefully as you read more about what Stepping Stones Counselling has to offer, you will feel reassured that this is a journey you can take, a journey we can take together.


Life can be tough, and we are not always equipped to cope on our own. If something is holding you back, preventing you from enjoying life in the here and now, I can help you explore the obstacles standing in your way. Together we can examine them in detail, breaking them down, changing your perspective on them and on YOU. We all have aspirations and goals- by freeing the pathway to your future, ensuring a more confident you, we can work together to help you achieve these.

if you can't see the light,
let me sit with you in the dark